Cottey College - Assistance Setting Up Email on Phone, Tablet or Home Computer

Setup email on your Android phone or tablet
(Directions for email setup on Android phones and tablets vary by manufacturer and model.)

1.     Open the default mail app on the tablet or phone
2.     Add an account
3.     Account type will be Exchange or Corporate  (NOT Outlook)
4.     You will need to type in your Cottey email address and password
5.     Some Android devices will ask for domain\username or just domain.
        The domain is cotteynt
6.     Some Android devices will ask for identity which is simply your username
7.     Server =

In addition to email, you will be given the option to sync your Cottey calendar and contacts.

Setup email on your iPhone or iPad

1.     Open Settings
2.     Scroll down to Accounts & Passwords
3.     Touch Add Account
4.     Touch Exchange
5.     Type in your email address and touch Next
6.     Touch Configure Manually
7.     Type in your password and touch Next
8.     Server =
9.     Domain = cotteynt

Setup email on your Windows 10 Mail app

1.     Launch the Windows 10 Mail app
2.     Add an account
3.     Choose Exchange as the account type
4.     Enter your Cottey email address, click Next
5.     Enter your Cottey password, click Sign in
6.     Enter your Cottey username, the domain is cotteynt
7.     Click Sign in
8.     A message will appear indicating "Something went wrong".  That's ok, just click Advanced
9.     Enter your Cottey username
        A.    Enter cotteynt for the domain
        B.    Enter for the server
10.   Enter an account a name (like Cottey then click Sign in
11.   Click Yes to add the mail account
12.   Click Done

If you are unable to setup your phone, tablet, or Windows
10 device to receive Cottey email—Try Again.   If still unsuccessful, access to your Cottey email is still
possible through the slower, more cumbersome, "old school" method using either the Remote2 or Remote3 VPN.